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Furniture Design 

Live Edge Coffee Lake Table 

This design is a custom live edge coffee table with a glass lake in the middle. This will live in the clients TV room next to their L shaped couch. This is made up of three live edge slabs that I joined together with a 1/2' thick steel bar connecting the three pieces of wood. All attached to three triangle legs to match the top. I call it the trifecta of elements. Wood, Glass and metal. I used my glass scraps to make matching coasters shown in the last picture. Thanks for looking! 

Furniture Design

Live Edge Wine Bar

This design was made to fit with the table and benches I made for their dining room. With a matching live edge top and three steel cabinets this bar can hold three cases of wine and 50 glasses between the two cabinets. On castors for portability during a party and the perfect mail and key drop at the end of the day.

Furniture Design 

Live Edge Dining Table with Benches 

This table was made from beetle killed Blue Spruce Pine that was milled by myself with my stihl 880 Chainsaw mill. This customer wanted something custom to match his style in a new home. I used 4x2 steel tube and 4" steel plate to create the legs, and 2" square tube to create the bench legs. The cross strut between the table legs measures out to a 9"x12" diamond custom cut timber, and the cross strut on the benches are made from Iron Wood reclaimed from the old Interstate 294 through Chicago land. Yes those sound barrier walls used to be Iron Wood before we used concrete. This table is 8' long and 42" wide. 

Furniture Design 

Distressed Kitchen Table 

This build I utilized the love the client has for horses, and found an old barn window in western IL for the apron as I made the top with 1" Oak hand milled into 4/4 lumber by the same owner as the barn window. After prepping the table top I welded together a leg style similar to a picture the client showed me, and inset Oak panels into the ends and middle cross strut. With a Bright white finish and some extra distressing the client was blown away with how it looked like it was meant to live there in her kitchen. 

Furniture Design 

Ash Featured Glass Coffee Table  

This table was made from a storm damaged Ash tree. Since they are officially all dead in our region (40% of our canopy) I have a passion for saving and preserving as much Ash as I can. This started as a bench and soon after I finished I realized it was actually a table if I put a piece of glass on top. After I found 1/2 glass 6' long and 24" wide I placed it and brought it all together. This table has metal on the cross cut ends of the slab and is 3" thick. Its for sale on etsy, but Im not sure if I will let it go yet, as it looks too beautiful in my living room at the moment.