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I teamed up with Etsy to sell and promote my work and in return I have been able to distribute my designs to every inch of this country and beyond. Be sure to like my shop so your updated on any new listings. 

Trees saved from chippers

I harvest my lumber from local arborists that want to do more then just chip everything they cut. I run a 26″ bandsaw mill and a 40″ chainsaw mill close to every other day behind my shop cutting logs into lumber for next years use. (good things come with time)

As we create our product line for sale online we are concentrating on bespoke or made to order designs. If your interested in a custom piece of furniture for your home or office please drop us a line at the bottom of this page, or hit the contact us link at the top. Thank you for visiting.

Have a tree you want saved for your next project. Just tell Ben at Tree Fellers Tree Care during your quote that you want the lumber saved for a project with Ronders Wood&Metal Works and he will make sure it doesn’t get chipped into mulch. **

Tree Fellers Tree Care


**Based on arborist recommendation. Sometimes lumber needs to be cut down to size to move off property.



Amazing to work with. We did all the planning through texts and emails and the finished piece turned out better than I could have anticipated. High quality, great communication, and affordable. We are already planning our next piece by Ronders.
Jessica Eva

This table is three live edge slabs joined together with steel bands. All mounted on metal legs with a glass “lake” in the middle. This was made to fit with an L shaped couch. I used my left over glass for coasters that match the middle glass.