Furniture Design

Have a specific idea in mind for your next dining table or coffee table? Lets get together and discuss your options and what we can do to build your dream furniture piece.

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Metal Working

With a healthy addiction to welding all types of metals I like to focus my projects to include metal work.

Have a custom project? Lets work together to make it happen.

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Saved by the Saw

Before you let the pros grind your trees into mulch, just tell them you want the trunk uncut. Let me come and mill it into lumber for your next furniture build. All the lumber I use in my builds is milled by myself at my shop in New Lenox IL.

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Who is Ronders?

Lets start with the name, Ron Dyrcz is my actual name, but who knows how to say that name with no vowels? So from the water polo team in high school the condensed version of my full name was born. Ronders.

After spending two years studying metalworking and carpentry in high school, I went right into the trades, while working as a full time photographer. It was easily done since the first time I used a hand saw was 5 years old. Working with my hands was just natural and needed. I have worked along side masters in most all trades concrete, electrical, plumbing, carpentry (finish and rough), HVAC, sheetrock, painters, commercial carpentry, welders, steel fabrication and more. Watching, listening, trying, and failing is the fastest way I learn new skills, and the friends and family I have worked with have all been apart in shaping me into the artist I am today.

My current passion is saving the American Ash tree from the grinders through out the Chicagoland area (southwest burbs) with my chainsaw and bandsaw mills, and custom metal work for my own projects and custom builds.


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